Other Ways to Support Us

1. Shop Local

Our local businesses are here for you and your families. Your patronage not only helps ensure the future of their business here in the community, it ensures the livelihood of those business owners and their families.

In turn those businesses help The Old Theater and other local organizations by sponsoring events, advertising at events, and membership dues.

2. Amazon Smile

Unfortunately, it's not possible for our wonderful local shops to supply absolutely every want and need of our community. If and when you find yourself shopping at Amazon for those items, you can still support The Old Theater with Amazon Smile.

When you shop at smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase dollars to the organization you choose.

amazon Smile logo

How to set up your smile.amazon account to benefit The Old Theater:

1. Go to https://smile.amazon.com.
2. Sign into your Amazon account.
3. Under the heading: "Or pick your own charitable organization" In the search box, type "Old Theater Corporation."
4. Click the Search button.
5. Select "Old Theater Corporation, Oriental, NC" from the list of results.
6. Click the checkbox next to the text "Yes, I understand that I must aways start at smile.amazon.com to support The Old Theater Corporation of Oriental, NC."
7. Navigate back to smile.amazon.com. Bookmark the page.

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