A Grand Lady of Oriental is Turning 70 …
and she’s hoping she can count on your support!

From the mid 1940s to the late 1950s, and since its revitalization in 1990, the Old Theater has provided a stage for plays, concerts, children’s programs and workshops, movies and a variety of civic, business, club and charity events. Our ability to provide that stage has depended on membership drives, on leasing income, on ticket sales and on the dedicated service of volunteers who keep the facility running.

As we humans age, we sometimes find ourselves in need of ‘maintenance’. This is also the case with our dear Old Theater. As she turns 70, we are discovering a multitude of things we need to do to keep her fit. These items range from a new roof and heating/cooling system to a paint job and interior refurbishing. A successful membership drive will help provide the funding needed to accomplish those things, allowing us to continue providing the wide range of entertainment our community has come to enjoy.

Here’s where YOU enter the stage!

With graduated benefit levels, it’s easy to share in the spotlight as a contributing member of the Old Theater, and the rewards are great. While helping to keep the Old Theater a vital and active venue where performing arts can thrive in Pamlico County, you will receive the following benefits in 2016:

  • Recognition on the Old Theater’s website and on theater-sponsored playbills
  • Discounts on tickets to theater-sponsored events
  • Priority notification for all theater-sponsored events and ticket sales
  • Invitation to the members-only annual meeting and reception
  • Reserved seats for two ~ Daddy Warbucks, Executive Producer & Director levels (1)
  • Invitation to select meet-the-artist receptions ~ Daddy Warbucks, Executive Producer & Director level (2)

    We need and welcome both your financial support and your time, and look forward to hearing from you. If you are a current member of the Old Theater, we thank you again for your generous support and hope we can count on it once again.

    For a 2016 membership form, click here 2016 Membership Letter.pdf

    (1) Subject to available seating. Tickets must be purchased, and reservation made, 5 days in advance of first performance date. (2) Advanced ticket purchase through the Old Theater is required.

    HEARTFELT THANKS to our 2015 members for helping to keep the Old Theater a vital and active venue in Pamlico County!

    Jim Berry
    “Big H” ~ Jonathan Coble
    Delamar & Delamar, PLLC

    Anthony & Cathy Santore

    Rolf Anselm
    Robert Austin & Lynda Edwards
    Lee & Diane Barham ~ Gardens of Pamlico
    Peter & Bonnie Peter Cap
    Chaz & Nelda Coats
    Tom & Cynthia Cochran
    Bill & Cathy Cresswell
    Environmental Management & Consulting, Inc. ~ Patrick Baker
    Larry & Joan Gracie
    Marc & Lynne Kaplan
    Mary Maxwell
    Bob & Marlene Miller
    Allen & Leigh Price
    Ken & Carol Small
    Jeff & Ellen Troeltzsch
    Art & Lynn Whalen
    Dave & Judy Wickersham

    Robert Andrews
    Fay M. Bond
    John Brady & Fran Zerbo
    Creative Kitchen & Bath ~ Steve & Melissa Lavallee
    Sykes & Fran DeHart
    Bill & Debbie Deighton
    George & Marjorie Dufek
    Per & Marian Erichsen
    Mac & Sheila Ernest
    Dick & Penny Flaherty
    Garland F. Fulcher Seafood Co., Inc.
    Jim & Maryann Hartmeyer
    Cliff & Nancy Hill
    Josiah Hoffman & Susan Dillard
    Dennis & Sachiko Humenik
    Paula Lelaider-James
    Jim & Leslie Kellenberger
    Antonia Leavitt
    Bob & Marsha Luhrs
    Tom McElroy & Alice Petree
    Christine Mele
    Richard Nelson & Kathryn Gillenwater
    David Opgrand & Marguerite Juerling
    Dick & Dottie Osmun
    Bill & Cindy Porter
    Rich & Lori Preble
    Dan & Donna Rubinstein
    Alice Sontag
    Steve & Ellyn Speciale
    Michael & Jane Tigar
    Don & D Wogaman
    Edward Zamonski
    Pete & Roberta Zawasky

    Sam Alitto
    Roger & Pat Bullis
    Tom & Linda Caroon
    Deaton Yacht Service
    Richard DeCharms
    Ernest & Mary Clyde Dunn
    Ned & Mary Ferris
    Howard & Phyllis Garfinkel
    Arthur & Terry Halpern
    Ralf & Judi Heit
    Sherri Hicks ~ Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital
    Jim & Patti Higginbottom
    Jim Holley & Deborah Iannitto
    J.R. & Esther Hooten
    George & Joanne Hurley
    Flossie Johnson
    Larry & Roberta Jones
    Gordon & Ann Kellogg
    Jeff & Pat Kenyon ~ Gift from William Sordillo
    Pappy & Debra Khouri
    Don & Phyllis Lane
    Ken Laser & Wendy Osserman
    Ardelle Machle
    Frank & Judy Maness
    Shirley Mauney
    Bob & Irma Maxbauer
    Richard & Carol McAdoo
    Ralph & Sue McCaughan
    Charles & Peggy Moseley
    Wayne & Sharon Mulligan
    Rob & Dale Murena
    Paul & Jane Olson
    John Phillips & Cyndy Little
    Greg & Nancy Piner
    Betsy Quitkin
    Truett & Cindy Ray
    Peter & Barbara Ritchie
    Pete & Cathy Roche
    Manfred & Janis Rott
    Nick & Jeannette Santoro
    Sid & Terrell Scott
    Robert & Donna Slade
    Keith & Melinda (Penkava) Smith
    William & Lynn Speas
    Buddy & Diana Street
    Bob & Stacey Taylor
    Kenneth & Reba Tiller
    Travel Blue Star ~ George & Debora Steenson
    George & Karen VanGamper
    Ronnie & Anne Watson
    Mark Weinheimer & LuAnn Parins
    Larry & Carol Whalen
    Susan Williams
    Roger & Priscilla Wormell

    John Alison
    Maureen Anderson
    Carl & Catherine Baxley
    Ken & Sally Belangia
    Sion & Kathleen Bell
    David & Helen Bland
    Ed & Sandy Braun
    Bruce & Joan Brown
    Warren & Kathy Bruce
    Katharina Burt
    Wyatt & Conis Cutler
    Bob & Marge Dales
    Dr. Wanda Dawson
    Ed & Lee Duer
    Grace Evans
    Grant & Christine Garman
    Asa & Dixie Gatlin
    Minda Harris
    Tom & Elaine Hills
    Ben & Jennie Hollowell
    Charles & Ann Holton
    Will & Nancy Huff
    Bill & Pat Kirsch
    Kurt & Gert Klingman
    Ellen Kraus
    Steve & Geri LaBreck
    Dorothy Lord
    Jerry & Donna Luh
    Steve & Darlene Marquart
    Joe Meadows
    Julia Mobley
    Maggie Monk & Jeff Potter
    Francis Murphy
    Hans W. Nickstadt
    Jerome & Anne Parker
    Katy Pugh
    Mick & Claire Roberts
    Herman & Gail Schiller
    Anthony & Evelyn Scozzafava
    Dr. Marilyn Stern
    David & Ursula Stevenson
    Russ Stevenson
    Cecil & Marlene Sykes
    Wally Umbach
    Gail Wallace & Floyd Evans Jr.
    Bob & Gay Webster

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